GTEMCELL Ltda shielded chambers are built up as modular construction. Due to individual modules, any size of the chamber can be realized.  Big chambers may require an outer supporting structure or alternatively, the shielding material can be attached directly to the building.

Panels are manufactured of 2,0 mm thickness hot galvanized sheet steel double bordered. The corners are welded RF-tight. The panels are screwed together all around.  Rf-shielding is guaranteed by a double-row wire mesh gasket.

A standard door 1x2mt clear opening is supplied with 3 rows of contacts. The floor cover can be fitted to individual requirements. Two ventilation honeycomb panels and 2 technical panels supplied. We will also supply lighting, electrical distribution, interior lining, air conditioning, control, and data lines in agreement with the user.

In the case of medical use, the chambers can be manufactured out of copper or aluminum sheets.

Chamber attenuation values (Typ.)
50 dB / 10 kHz magnetic field H
>80 dB / 100 KHz magnetic field H
>80 dB / 100 KHz – 1o MHz electric field E
>80 dB / 100 KHz – 500 MHz PLANE WAVE
>80 dB / 1 GHz – 40 GHz MICROWAVE
Customized solutions available
Shielded chamber 1
Shielded chamber 2
Shielded chamber 3
Shielded chamber 4