The anechoic chambers are built up as modular construction. Due to individual modules, any size of the chamber can be manufactured. Big chambers may require an outer supporting structure or alternatively, the shielding material can be attached directly to the building. The absorbers are fixed to rails bars or wooden base construction which is inserted into the shielding modules. According to the required type of absorber, they can be screwed (ferrite tiles), glued (ferrite tiles and pyramidal absorbers) or fixed by Velcro tape (pyramidal absorbers).

The kind of the absorbers and the dimensions of the hall are the key points for the performance of the hall. Together with the customer, we will find the optimum solution in order to reach a favorable price-efficiency-ratio. The chambers are completely equipped with electrical installation and can also be handed over ready for operation with turntable and antennas.

CHC – 3m Compact Semi-anechoic Chamber 9KHz/30MHz-18GHz (40GHz optional) 3m. compact Semi-anechoic Chamber

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Antenna heigth variation: 2Mt. 
Quiet Zone: 1,2m.x1,2m. 
Uniformity FU:  0 to 6dB 
NSA performance 
30 MHz-300MHz. +/-6dB 
300 MHz to 18GHz. +/- 4dB 
External Dimensions: 6800x3330xH3250mm. 
Modular Hot galvanized steel panels soldered in the corners 
Cu-Cr Contact Gaskets 
Esternal structural skeleton 
Ferrite an Hybrid lining absorbers: H60, H45 
Floor removable anechoic absorbers 
Door 1x2mt. Approx. 
2 honeycombs 
2 30W LED Projectors 
Electrical plants with IEC16A tape 
EMI 16A Line Filter 
Floor lined with metal 
Technical panel with:  2 connettori “N”, N.2 SMA, N. 1 waveguide for 3 couples of fiber optics 
Spare empty technical panel to customize 
Absorbers Catalog
Ferrite Datasheet 2
Box Anecoico SHAC-200
Box Anecoico SHB-50