Helmholtz Coils

Helmholtz coils is a  candidate test apparatus for low-frequency magnetic field susceptibility testing on military equipment and subsystems.  Use of this coils reduce electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) qualification tests time and subject the equipment under test (EUT) to a relatively uniform field.

Helmholtz coils Low frequency Magnetic Field Susceptibility testing
Main Characteristics
Specimen support Adjustable with optic fiber feed-through.
Input Push and hold button
Insulate material Marine multi-layer wood
Ring diameter 100cm. Mod. HLM10; 80cm. Mod.HLM08.
Typical resistance 3,1 Ohm Mod.HLM10;  2,3 Ohm Mod. HLM08
Max. Input Current 10-15 Amp.
Max. Pulse Current 200mSec. 100 Amp.
Max. Field 500 Amp/m and 5000 Amp/m for pulse
Frequency DC to 30MHz
Dimensions 130x100x66cm (HLM-10) ; 110x80x66cm (HLM-08) ;