Open Test Sites or OATS (Open Area Test Sites) are the most simple and cost-effective ambient of measuring for Electric field emission of test objects within frequency range 30 MHz – 3000 MHz. Gtemcell offers sites for 10m and 30m measuring distance.

With a 10 m measuring route it is best to cover the whole surface of 20 x 17 m with the metal plane.

As a standard material galvanized steel sheet is used or mesh wire sheets.

In order to avoid water on the area, the surface is laid out as safety grating with holes. But other materials and surface structures are also possible. The individual segments can be screwed together, welded or clamped.

The method of installation depends on the existing ground conditions, the required mechanical carrying capacity and the outside conditions. It is made so that even with extreme weather conditions interference-free use will be possible.

Preferably hot-galvanized surfaces or high-grade steel are used. As an alternative, the open test site can be equipped completely or partially with a non-reflecting structure for weather protection.

Supply and measuring lines, as well as sufficient spare pipes, are installed underneath the metal surface. Turntable and antenna mast, coaxial cables are included with the delivery.

The maximum deviation of 4,0 dB to ANSI-C 63-4 from the normed field attenuation (30 – 1000MHz) is guaranteed. The minimum dimension of 20 x 18 m (10m-distance) or 60 x 53 m (30m-distance) must be kept.