Reverberation Tent Chamber

GTEM Italis’s reverberation tent chambers are used primarily for electrical immunity testing. Reverberation tent chambers are utilized in commercial, military and automotive EMC testing. If you’re interested in a high-performance reverberation chamber, do not hesitate to contact our engineers for more information.

The reverberation tent chamber can also be used for immunity and shielding effectiveness tests as well as for measuring total radiated power. Another application for the reverberation chamber is simulating complex multipath environments like computer rooms and other electrically congested areas.

The main advantage of EMC testing in a reverberation tent chamber is that less power input is required to achieve the results. The resulting benefit is that expensive amplifier systems are obsolete.

GTEM Italia manufactures reverberation tent chambers in various sizes, all with a specific Lowest Usable Frequencies (LUF). We design and build chambers for many different clients. If your research requires a specific solution, our chambers can be altered to meet these needs.