Emissions and Immunity Simulation Chamber

GTEM Italia’s emissions and immunity simulation chamber is designed for radiated immunity measurements at a testing distance of 3 meters. In addition to immunity testing, it also provides a very repeatable environment for pre-compliance emissions testing as per CISPR16-1-4. If you want to know more about our radiated immunity chambers, contact our consultancy department via our online contact forms.

Our emissions and immunity simulation chamber is perfect for commercial, military and automotive testing. Before a product is either sold or used in commercial or military applications, testing is required to determine whether it complies with radiated emissions and immunity limits. This is especially important for military or aviation purposes where interference or susceptibility to interference is a major concern. Our emission and immunity simulation chamber is well suited for this type of testing.

Being able to perform measurements in-house saves a lot of time and money:

• Lower costs – save money by in-house compliance testing instead of outsourcing at external laboratories.

• Time saved – no more time wasted by shipping to and from third party facilities.

• More accurate testing – your chamber is setup specifically for your research and development needs.

• Less risk of damage or leaks – keeping a product in house means less risk of damage during transport or potential leaks of information.

• Faster development – having your own testing facility allows you start testing a product or device after each small change, at any time.