TEM Cells

Are you looking for laboratory equipment? You are in the right place! GTEM by Silva Benites Elizabeth is the right partner for you. Our product range includes the famous TEM Cells, These devices are designed to provide a controlled and reproducible environment for testing electronic devices and telecommunications. Thanks to their high efficiency and precision, they are particularly useful for testing compliance with EMC and RF regulations. Choose Silva Benites Elizabeth’s GTEM for your laboratory instrumentation needs and discover the quality of our products, especially TEM Cells. Get in touch now to discover all our services

Open TEM Cells

If you are looking for reliable and efficient laboratory equipment, GTEM by Silva Benites Elizabeth is the perfect choice. Our wide range of products includes the best solutions for your research, including our famous Open TEM Cells. Thanks to their innovative design and the quality of the materials used, this type of equipment is able to provide accurate and reliable results in every situation. Whether you are looking to analyze material samples or perform electromagnetic compatibility tests, our Open TEM Cells are the ideal solution for your needs. Choose GTEM by Silva Benites Elizabeth for your high-quality laboratory instruments.